Horror Gore and More (HG&M) is a site where you can find, not only current horror + movie info, but old movies too.  Our writers have watched lots of horror and are happy to share it with you.  Just like with any genre, there are more bad movies than good, and we review them all. Buy it or skip it, we’ll let you know!  This site also reviews tons of foreign  movies. Reviewers like our friend James (who has seen unlimited number of movies from Italy -70s & 80’s) will give you the international low down and what’s up!

About 99.5% of the writers are members of the New York Horror Movie Group. This site started as an idea we talked over months with our members that eventually became a reality. Most of us are not writers but avid horror fans.

We are also very lucky to have several female writers here who wants to give you the inside on the title they like (or dislike).  Check out the Women’s Corners -featuring female writers, directors, authors and more in the genre.

From time to time, we also add reviews from our good friends at www.upcominghorrormovies.com (with their permission of course)

So keep checking back with us,  reviews are coming in all the time, usually every two weeks.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the site!


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