Aug 4, 2010

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Naboer aka Next Door (2005)

Naboer aka Next Door (2005)

‘Naboer’ (translated to ‘Next Door’), is a film drenched as much in darkness as it is in overwhelming sensations of claustrophobia and psychosexuality. John (Kristoffer Joner, winner of the Amanda Best Actor Award for the role), is working through a recent break-up from a long time girlfriend who has since moved in with another man. Julia Schact and Cecilie A. Mosli star as Kim and Anne, John’s neighbors who inhabit the vast flat next door. After being asked to assist with moving a piece of furniture within their apartment, John finds himself drawn into the unsettling and dark reality within the flat where violence and sexuality run rampant.

While ‘Naboer’ is certainly not for the faint of heart, the sensual scenes which feature beatings that can only be described as savage, are especially hard-hitting and when coupled with the director’s fine sense of voyeurism and ability to create confusion, the film soars high above expectation. The performances are strong and unparalleled when compared to others within this genre in recent years. Even the internationally renowned and seasoned actor Michael Nyqvist brings an edge to an otherwise small and altogether forgettable role. With a sense of claustrophobia and uncertainty attacking the viewer from every scene, the climax is not only brilliant and surprising, but will keep you guessing until the very last frame.

Release Date: March 2005
Director: Pal Sletaune
Genre: Horror
Country: Norway
John: Kristoffer Joner
Anne: Cecilie Mosli
Kim: Julia Schact
Ingrid: Anna Bache-Wiig
Ake: Michael Nyqvist

– By Bree

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