Apr 22, 2010

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Reliquary by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Reliquary by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

It’s the sequel of the book “Relic”. I must admit I didn’t read the first book since I saw the movie. Well it’s next on my list since for what I read the movie could be different from the book.

In this sequel many characters from the Relic are brought back again. Set 18 months after Mbwun was destroyed, opens with a police diver finding the headless bodies of two people apparently killed by underground cannibals. The corpses are sent to the museum’s lab for analysis, which brings a number of returnees from Relic, burly homicide cop Vincent D’Agosta, anthropologist Margo Green, New York Post crime reporter Bill Smithback to the case.

They’re soon joined by Special Agent Pendergast of the FBI. A venture by these principals into the kingdom of the Mole People (underground homeless), plus some forensic breakthroughs, point to a race of mini-Mbwun at work in an escalating series of savage killings that incite the city’s upper crust to civil disobedience. The city’s answer, to flood its nether vaults, turns out to threaten a global catastrophe that only Pendergast and company, aided by Navy SEALS, can avert.

The description of the New York underground is both fascinating and chillingly creepy at the same time. The authors did their homework and much of their description is apparently based on fact. It had wonderful suspense that would probably leave most readers on the edge of their seats, but there were enough murders and far-fetched scientific “discoveries” to limit the number of readers who would enjoy this book

The story’s ending to me was: Whatta…? I couldn’t believed that after reading the whole book the ending took just a few pages. Most of the writing is fast paced and the opening scene is unbelievably graphic, brilliant considering it takes place in total darkness, under water, muck, and sewage of New York water ways.

Most of the facts surrounding the mole people of New York City are true, so it made for an excellent read. Living in NYC makes such a difference when you read this book since you actually know or recognize the places were the authors take us.

All and all it’s an excellent book to read but don’t be like me and read first “Relic”.

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