Mar 24, 2010

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Masters of Horror: Right To Die (2007)

Masters of Horror: Right To Die (2007)

I guess if there isn’t anything on TV, DVD, Blue Ray, Cable or the net… it’s ok to watch.  I’ve only seen a few episodes of MOH and for what I gather the episodes in this series are either hit or miss.  Nothing about “Right to Die” is all that interesting or memorable.  The gore f/x are good but it does not keep you interested nor do you care about the characters at all.

The plot:
Martin Donovan plays a dentist named Cliff who, while fighting with his wife in the car one night (never a good idea), reacts too slowly to prevent them from hitting a fallen tree and ends up flipping their vehicle. His wife, Abby (Julia Anderson), is injured but looks like she’ll survive, that is until the car bursts into flames and engulfs poor Abby in the not-so-cleansing fire. Now she’s being kept alive by tubes and machines, covered in burns across 90% of her body.

But was it an accident, or was there more to the situation than we are at first allowed to see? There’s got to be a reason Abby keeps managing to escape her earthly bounds and inflict damage on those around her husband, a trick she learns the first time she dies in the hospital but is unable to go too far before the doctors bring her back to life.

Cliff insists that Abby would not have wanted to live as an invalid, a scared vegetable without the capacity to feel anything but pain. Cliff’s lawyer (Corbin Bernsen) agrees; it’s only a matter of coincidence that a very costly lawsuit will come from her death since the airbag on her side of the car never went off. As soon as Cliff realizes that Abby is killing people every time she dies, he changes his tune very quickly and goes to some rather extreme efforts to make sure she stays alive.

Sounds interesting, right? Well it’s not.

Donovan’s performance was totally flat.  The two women in the movie were very attractive, but, good FX and hot looking women don’t make a good movie.

Do yourself a favor and pull the plug on this movie!

Cast: Martin Donovan, Corbin Bernsen, Julia Anderson, Anna Galvin
Directed by Rob Schmidt

– By George

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