Dec 6, 2010

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“WALKING DEAD” Finale Sky Rocket ratings for AMC. (Ever!)

“WALKING DEAD” Finale Sky Rocket ratings for AMC. (Ever!)

AMC’s zombie series THE WALKING DEAD has been setting ratings landmarks for the network in its premiere season, and it just kept chewing up the old records last night with its season finale.

That sixth and final episode, “TS-19,” garnered over six million viewers in its debut 10 p.m. airing, making it the most-watched episode of a season that became the most-viewed drama series in basic-cable history for the adults aged 18-49 demographic. Add in the 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. encore showings, and the finale landed 8.1 million pairs of eyeballs. THE WALKING DEAD has also been performing very well in overseas markets, and is set to return for a second season next year. You can see the show’s official website here.

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