Jan 3, 2010

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A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

I watched the South Korean horror film A Tale of Two Sisters a few months ago, directed by Jin-woon Kim. Wow. Really sad and engaging, as well as startlingly scary. I really liked the cinematography, the choice of bright colors against a drab background, the surrealism of some scenes (the stepmom’s introduction, the way the camera panned around), and felt frozen on my bed and gripping a blanket during some scenes. I was reminded of Heavenly Creatures early in the film when the two sisters take off running in the garden. I couldn’t tell at times what was fantasy and what was reality, it was more subtle and let the viewer make their own conclusion.

There also seemed to be a preoccupation with hands, I was curious about that. One of the best and most memorable horror films that I’ve seen, definitely.

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