Jan 9, 2010

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Aftermath (1994)

Aftermath (1994)

From Spain and directed by Nacho Cerda (who gave us The Abandoned, 2006), Aftermath is a brutal depiction of the violation perpetrated by a medical examiner on the corpse of a female car accident victim. Repulsive and thought provoking at the same time. This film is the second in a trilogy of films directed by Cerda about death.

After the soul is gone what is left? Vulnerable flesh. We are taken apart and then put back together only to be desecrated, but when does the desecration begin?

Like its predecessor The Awakening (Lasting approximately eight minutes) Aftermath is a short film lasting about thirty minutes and silent except for music.

A sterile room where the cutting of corpses is common place, a medical examiner is left alone to preform an autopsy on a car accident victim. He gets a knife and begins to remove her clothing. He gently runs the blade around her breasts. He glides the blade up and down her chest to her pelvic region.

He photographs himself having sex with her. This is the aftermath of death in the hands of a deviate.

The Awakening (1990) and Genesis (1998) should be mentioned.

The Awakening is an eight minute short student film by Nacho Cerda that deals with the soul leaving the body. Then Aftermath and following Aftermath is Genesis.

Genesis is about thirty minutes and silent and deals with the emotions of lost love after death. A sculptor has lost his wife and is sculpting her likeness. As he sculpts her she begins to come alive. But as she becomes alive he becomes a sculpture. His wish is being answered, his love is returning but never will they touch.

Aftermath is truly disturbing, vicious and realistic. Horrific, Cerda forces us to confront our fears and has something to say to us if we are brave enough to listen (or look).

This is based on the Unearthed Films release. All three films are presented on one disc. Aftermath and Genesis are presented in Anamorphic Widescreen. Various commentaries, a making of Aftermath. An Audio interview with Nacho Cerda and a great interview between Nacho Cerda and Jorg Buttgereit (director of the infamous Nekromantik) are present along with some other goodies.

This film is not entertainment. It is a matter-of-fact, full on assault.

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