Apr 11, 2010

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Autumn (2009)

Autumn (2009)

A fan whip-smart zombie movie, like 28 Days Later (Widescreen Edition)and Pontypool, and you have more patience for nuance and sophistication then “Autumn” is extremely rewarding.

It’s light on the scares and heavy on horror…the emotional, psychological horror of death and of the dead. The way the dead start off inanimate, immobilized (as the dead should be) and gradually, gradually gain the characteristics of the zombies we know from the Romero oeuvre and his imitators is the masterstroke of the film, allowing tension to ratchet up slowly. And for a low budget film, “Autumn” boasts some exquisite camera work that only fleetingly becomes so creative as to be annoying.

Now don’t misunderstand: “Autumn” is not “Citizen Cane.” It is a ZOMBIE movie, at its heart. But even though it has many of the elements familiar to the genre, the approach is fresh, and the emphasis on psychology rather than mere viscera elevates “Autumn” well beyond what the genre usually produces. I’d go so far as to recommend “Autumn” to someone who I don’t think would typically enjoy zombie movies, and I would only say that of perhaps three other such movies (aforementioned two, plus Shaun of the Dead).

If you demand zombie hordes ripping out the entrails of entire populations, not for you “Autumn.” But if you can appreciate apocalypse on an intimate level, similar in some ways to “The Road,” then the existential dread within “Autumn” might be just your thing.

  • Actors: Dexter Fletcher, David Carradine, Dickon Tolson
  • Directors: Steven Rumbelow
  • Format: NTSC
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Studio: Green Apple Entertainment

– By Greg Peterson

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