Sep 26, 2013

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Bad Milo (2013)

Bad Milo (2013)

 Bad Milo! is not your typical horror movie. There is certainly gore and blood, but don’t expect to be so scared that you jump out of your seat. Instead, be prepared to fall out of your seat from laughing so hard.

Bad Milo! introduces us to Duncan (Ken Marino) who would seem to have a pretty typical life: a good looking guy with a pretty wife, a nice house and a decent job. But when Duncan develops stomach and digestive issues (who doesn’t?!) due to stress, he realizes through the help of his psychotherapist Highsmith (Peter Stormare) that his subconscious is acting out via a small, pinkish and flesh-colored, wrinkly creature named Milo who, for lack of a better term, comes barreling out of his backside whenever Duncan has a meltdown.

BM01True hilarity ensues whenever Milo, who lives in Duncan’s intestinal track, runs through the streets of suburbia and wrecks havoc on Duncan’s life. Thanks to a solid cast of comedic actors like Patrick Warburton (still referred to by Seinfeld fans as “Puddy”) and Office Space’s Stephen Root, it is the moments where Milo interacts with Ken’s coworkers and family that are particularly hilarious.

While the plot may revolve around bathroom humor, it does so less in the way of juvenile fart jokes and more in the way of clever satire of the average person’s everyday struggles. This actually helps us to, in a strange way, relate to Duncan and his problems with his health, an unsatisfying job and fear of abandonment.  You may also find Milo, with his doll-like appearance and child-like personality, his baby coos and blinky eyes, to be quite adorable and easy to love.
This is a fun and light-hearted flick, despite its R rating.  Not a scary movie, yet still full of terror, suspense and plenty of laughs. Horror fans will thoroughly enjoy this little film.

Bad Milo! is currently available on demand with your cable provider, and opens in theaters Friday, Oct. 4.

Jacob Vaughan
Benjamin Hayes, Jacob Vaughan
Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton
– By Dana L. Brundage
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