Apr 1, 2011

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Blood Creek (2009)

Blood Creek (2009)

Lazies, Zombies/Vampires, what’s not to like? I really enjoyed this, it was like watching a spin off Indiana Jones.


In 1936, the Wollners, a German family living in rural West Virginia are contacted by a Nazi Germany emissary to host Professor Richard Wirth. The family accept as they need the money thinking of Wirth as a visiting scholar. Wirth’s project has however nothing to do with science and much with the occult. Years ago, the family found a Viking runestone in their property and build the stable on top of it. Wirth wants to use its power and energies to do evil but he is interrupted by the family. They held Wirth captive in their cellar and trapped in the farm with blood markings. This prison however requires the family to sporadically capture people and use them as source for the blood. The horrifying fate of the family is then linked to Wirth’s, so they keep him alive but weak and trapped.

In 2007, 25-year-old Evan Marshall’s life has stalled because he is left without answers after the disappearance of his older brother Victor’s during a camping trip in rural West Virginia. Evan tries to move on but when Victor returns one night, very much alive and having escaped his captors, Evan asks no questions – at his brother’s request. Instead they loaded up their rifles, packed up their boat and return to fight the evil.

The brothers head to the farm and confront the Wollners. They, in turn, warn the siblings about Wirth. They don’t listen until Wirth gets out of the cellar and begins his terror. The brothers manage to kill Wirth, however, the captors turn rapidly old and die. Before the youngest dies, she tells Evan that the Nazi has sent eight more people to different farms. Evan found a map that was under the farm and discovers that others like Wirth are at other farms. While Victor returns home to his family, Evan heads out to the other farms to stop the Nazis.

The overall plot, while wafer-thin in the face of zombie classics like Dawn of the Dead, does offer a bit more to bite into than the typical undead fare…perhaps because it confuses/blends so much (our villain is a walking corpse with magical powers that maintains strength off of the blood of his victims, but is somehow not a vampire-uh?) together that the movie’s monster is almost a brand new creation. It’s ingenious in the way that music mash-ups or remixes are ingenious, which is something that many would contend is a debatable quantity.  The gore is there for all of you like me who just crave for it in this type of movies.  My favorite scene is when the horse enters the room and get shot several time with a Winchester showing the bullets do the damage on the horse (all cgi of course but well done, none the less).

A great horror flick that you most likely have never heard of and not seen! Check it out you wont be disappointed

– By George

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