Feb 12, 2012

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Coming Soon Jurassic Shark (2012)…LOL

Coming Soon Jurassic Shark (2012)…LOL

This movie looks ready to go on the Scify Saturday Night Creature Feature special! Except there aren’t’ any “actors” or singers from the 80’s. When “Shark Night” was released last year, I thought, “Hey! If these low-budget shark-oriented features are endlessly entertaining, a slicker, glossier version should be mind-blowing.” Guess what? Not so much. When it comes to monster flicks, the lower the budget, the better. In my opinion, anyway. Brett Kelly’s upcoming aquatic horror movie “Jurassic Shark” seems to thoroughly understand this theory. And that “Free Willy” shot about halfway through the clip? Classic.

What’s that lurking beneath the surface? It’s a synopsis:

The story follows two groups of people — one, a group of students, the other, a group of criminals — who are shipwrecked on an island by a giant shark. The island was once used for illegal drilling, and the oil company inadvertently released the giant shark from its slumber.

Emanuelle Carriere, Celine Filion, Christine Emes, Kala Gray, Sara Mosher, Kyle Martellacci, Phil Dukarsky, Duncan Milloy, and Angela Parent lend their talents to the flick, which, I’m sure, will find its way onto one format or another later this year. The trailer for “Jurassic Shark” lies below.

– Courtesy of Beyond Hollywwod.com

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