Jan 23, 2011

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Croc (2007)

Croc (2007)

Croc is a 2007 made-for-television movie.

Jack McQuade (Peter Tuinstra) runs a crocodile farm with the help of his nephew Theo McQuade (Scott Hazell) and is being harassed by a new neighboring resort owned by the Konsong brothers. They want to get Jack shut down because they have built on his land, and want to steal the rest. The Konsong brothers sic animal welfare, bill collectors, and tax collectors on the farm. As animal welfare investigator Evelyn Namwong (Sherry Phungprasert) refuses to shut down the farm, having found only minor violations, she is fired. After two teenagers are eaten by a crocodile, the Konsongs send goons to break in and release three of the farm’s crocodiles. Jack’s crocodiles are blamed and he gets shut down.

The crocodile that killed the teens reappears and eats a young boy near the docks. Its filmed by a tourist nearby and identified as a 20-foot salt water crocodile. Being much much larger and of a different species than Jack’s, his farm’s name is cleared and he is able to reopen. With the monster continuing to snack on the local population, Jack and Evelyn run into Hawkins (Michael Madsen), a man who has been hunting it for months to get revenge for its many victims. They join forces to find and kill the crocodile.

While they hunt the crocodile, the Konsongs send someone to kill Jack’s sister Allison (Elizabeth Healey), who paid his taxes and other bills to help him out. The goon tries to run her down, but misses. He leaves behind his cell phone which links him back to Andy Konsong. Andy heads home to warn his brother that their plot has been uncovered, only to find pieces of him floating in a bloodied pool. The crocodile was in the pool when he was swimming and killed him. Panicked, Andy calls 911, but then gets sick to his stomach. While he’s throwing up in the pool, the crocodile emerges and kills him.

When Evelyn, Jack, Hawkins, and the crocodile farm manager go looking for the crocodile’s pit, Allison and Theo follow in a small boat. The crocodile appears and snatches Allison from the boat. Jack and continue searching for the pit underwater while Hawkins and Theo go to search on land. They find the pit and Allison, who is unconscious but still alive. She wakes up to find the crocodile with its jaws right in front of her head, but it leaves when it hears Jack calling for her. It comes up behind Jack, gets a hold of his foot, and drags him underwater.

As it’s going down, Hawkins and Theo shoot at it, with Hawkins managing to shoot it in the brain. It dies with Jack’s foot still firmly clamped in its mouth and him underwater. Stuck too high to get down to help, Hawkins advises them to cut off Jack’s leg since they can’t get the crocodile’s mouth open. Instead, the park manager uses a bang stick to blast it open and Jack gets to keep his leg.

One thing I would like to point out is that there are many scenes where Jack (Peter Tuinstra) is actually close to a real croc.  I gave him big credit for that, I don’t care how docile those crocs might be still they are animal that can react very different when you have a crew shooting a film.  Also another great stunt was when Jack sister, Allison actually dive and get run by a truck in a one take.  I played it over and over and it’s her.  Another great stunt scene done by an actor.

One thing that sets this film apart from other films of its kind is the fact that this film actually looks like it was filmed in Thailand giving it atmosphere and authenticity that most films in this genre tend to lack. The main actors all do a credible job and hold their own up next to character actor Michael Madsen (except for maybe the villain of the film who looks 15 years old trying to act) and the worst thing about the film is the hundreds of real footage of crocs of different sizes!, which can at times take away from the film.

Despite these flaws the film can hold its own.  A definitely plus to watch among friends.  Plenty of gore, no nudity (booo), good acting and a mean croc that eat people every 5 to 10 minutes! Yeah

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  • Michael Madsen as Croc Hawkins
  • Peter Tuinstra as Jack McQuade
  • Sherry Phungprasert as Evelyn Namwong
  • Elizabeth Healey as Allison
  • Tawon Sawtang as Andy Konsong, Jr.



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