Sep 9, 2011

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Doomed (2007)

Doomed (2007)

-” A deserted island, 5 teams 3 days, 1 objective: stay alive, who will survive? ”


On television’s new reality series, “Survival Island 2020,” contestants deposited on a remote isle — who happen to be felons facing long stretches in stir — compete for a $50 million jackpot and their freedom. But little do they know that they must first battle the island’s bloodthirsty horde of zombies for the bigger prize of staying alive.

Sounds like a good movie, right? well…it actually sucks.  This movie is even lower than SiFi movies.  The special effects look like somebody went to a sale at the Spirit Halloween store and didn’t read any of the directions.

The zombies or whatever they are, had only green make up on and sometimes, not even that, just plain dirt!  Please take a look at the barrels of the short shot gun…LOL.

Guys,this is a zombie movie,and when you make a zombie movie certain things are expected. You can have great acting, cinematography and script,but when your zombies run (yes,these are runners) around trying to eat people, you have to show us. We don’t get to see a single scene of real carnage, because as soon as a character gets brought down we get goofy videogame graphics that tell us “transmission ended” (remember, the schtick here is “reality show” so we see everything through floating cameras) before the first tooth sinks into flesh. I mean it, in EVERY SINGLE ATTACK.

I’ve never seen a movie done quite like this. Each punch, kick, slash and gash freezes for just enough time to flash the action in text and the number of points the contestant received. As an example, a punch to the face may register a “power shot” worth 150 points, while ending a zombie’s life can give a contestant a “kill shot” worth 550 points. It is done in a way that doesn’t come off as a cheesy gimmick, but more like you are actually playing a cool ass version of “Mortal Kombat” meets “Resident Evil.” Unfortunately it’s never explained why the players need those points…

By the end, if you make it that far, you really will not care who wins and what happens to them.

– By George

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