Dec 1, 2010

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Flight of The Living Dead (2007)

Flight of The Living Dead (2007)

First there were snake on a plane, so why not zombies, right?

I’m sure that was the idea behind. 

Sexy flight attendants. A cop transporting a felon. Newlyweds. A pilot on his last flight before retirement. Horny Teens. The typical bit@# girl.  A sports star. A nun. Rogue mad scientists. A storm. A mystery cargo. Bad acting. Stupid dialogue, as you know.  This movie has it all.

During a transatlanic flight, a corpse emerges from the cargo hold and lays waste to the passengers, turning them into zombies. A handful of travelers try to stop the ghoulish horde, but how do you fight the undead at 30,000 feet above the ocean? The living passengers get wildly creative in this wickedly funny, fabulously bloody gore fest written and directed by Scott Thomas.

The story unfolds very slowly the first half trying to build very pointless character on the story.  Like if we care who becomes “undead”, right?  The movie starts with the zombie outbreak.

Zombies bite humans. Humans bleed. Humans fight back. Everyone runs around, falls down holes, crawls through a surprisingly large network of tunnels. Hundreds of bullets fly through the air. The hold is blown up and plane doors fly off, but there are no decompression problems until the very end.

FOTLD has a solid cast full of those, “Hey! Where have I seen that actor before?” familiars. You’ll spot two alumni from Stephen Sommers’ The Mummy (Erick Avari and Kevin J. O’Connor), a Pet Sematary actor by the name of Dale Midkiff and even Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop) just to name a few. O’Connor provides a lot of comic relief in this flick – which he always seems to bring to a project – while Tyson is once again playing a bad ass delivering one of the finer one-liners you’ll hear in the movie. Avari is fairly decent in his performance and eventually sports the best make-up effects in the entire film.
As for everyone else, they are pretty much your typical ragtag group of horror screamers, bleeders and weepers.

I believe this is the first zombie film that takes the undead to the skies. That right there is enough to get it some points. Secondly there are actually some nice kills here, particularly those involving an umbrella and a golf club. If you can make through the first half, you will be rewarded with an absolute blast of zombie mayhem, honestly.

The zombies, themselves, aren’t really all that inventive, however. With yellow contact lenses and some blood splattered across their faces, their look is far from original. Don’t expect to see some amazing, mind-blowing, Tom Savini style of effects. You won’t. What you’ll see is some CGI blood and tons of cheese CGI of the airplane.

I found myself laughing so hard towards the end….The part where the nun (who, by the way just sits there, unharmed, for like…. half the movie) tried climbing under the seat and eating some guy was hilarious, so was the part where the chinese dude was flung out of the side of the plane!!!

FOTLD is a dumb movie and I’m sure it want it to be that way — it makes Shaun of the Dead look like The Godfather in comparison. However, with the right group of people at the right time (a tons of beer), it can be fun.

– By George

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