Mar 11, 2011

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Forbidden World aka Mutant (1982)

Forbidden World aka Mutant (1982)

Produced by the King of B-Movies Roger Corman’s absolute cult classic of all times. An ABSOLUTE MUST SEE. Yes you heard me, I never say this on any of my reviews but you have to watch this movie.  It’s an incredible enjoyable movie that’s total rip off of Alien with insane score, flash back images, ral dead animals and gore and more…


Professional troubleshooter Mike Colby (Jesse Vint) has just woke up from a deep cryogenic freeze that lasted a lifetime. He is given orders to find a genetic research lab on the desert planet of Xarbia and discover why they have sent out a distress signal.

When he arrives he discovers that the lab has been playing with genetic mutations and they have created a bizarre life form known as a meta-morph. This being, which is at first being incubated inside of a pod, is soon let loose from its cocoon only to reek havoc on the station. Now it is up to Colby to figure out how to destroy this growing monster. It seems invulnerable to all known weapons and it has an insatiable craving for protein.

Turns out human beings don’t have enough protein for it to really use, so it first has to infect any human being it comes in contact with and then that turns said human being into a massive gelatin-like blob of pure protein that it can feast off of for a much longer period of time.

Will Colby save the day or will the crew end up as this monster’s food?

I have seen this movie at least four times always with 5 to 7 years apart.  It always make me laugh, and laugh and laugh.  I told my son last nite while watching the movie: “look at the walls, those are take out box containers!”

The real star of the show, however, is Subject 20 itself. As the film plays out we get to enjoy the creature’s evolution from a facehugger-esque parasitical creature to a large toothed Alien knock off. There’s no shortage of gooey gore effects as corpses disintegrate and basically melt and various characters are knocked off during the course of the film. Combine that with the gratuitous nudity and at times surprisingly artistic camerawork and creative set design and even if the film still borrows from Scott’s classic, Forbidden World is worth seeing.

The movie has some interesting moments, like the lab with dead animals.  After watching the “Making Of” I learned that those nasty cats and dogs were actually real! They bought them dead and used them on the set frozen the first day but let them there for a thing two days and then they come to shoot again!!!!LOL, the smell was insane, they told us. BTW, no way that’s a hand moving around under that sheet…

Cool quotes:

  • Glaser: “Annie used to work with me, she used to…”
    Hauser: “Shut up, shut up damn you, shut up!
  • Colby: “Then Subject 20 is the result of a genetic splicing between a Proto B bacteria and another organism.
    Gordon: “Exactly.”
    Colby: “What is the other organism?
  • Richards: “This is it, you god damned dingwhopper.

Interesting Fact:
Showers in the future use microwaves instead of water, but you still have to be naked and wear a bathrobe afterwords.

So, don’t be a “dingwhopper” and watch it with friends over several beers.  It will make the film more enjoyable.  Cult film fans will absolutely eat this right up. Highly recommended.







– By George



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