Nov 7, 2011

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Kane Hodder Exclusive Interview for HG&M

Kane Hodder Exclusive Interview for HG&M

Exclusive interview for the (HG&M) with icon legend Kane Hodder (K.H).

On my FIRST interview ever, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Mr. Hodder over the phone about his new book “Unmasked: The True Life Story of the World’s Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer”, which is on sale now, there is a link below if you want to buy it.

In our interview we talk about many things, from his earlier days, his accident, but also about things like “which horror movie is you favorite?” and to my surprise it was “The Exorcist” which is also my favorite movie of all times.  He also told me that he will reprise the role of Victor Crowley in Hatchet III, filming will start February in 2012 and director Adam Green will be, once again, behind the camera.

Below is part of the phone interview with Mr. Hodder:

HG&M: First of all, you are the number one icon in contemporary horror, a true living legend.  To many of us you ARE Jason Borhees.

K.H: “Thank you very much.”

HG&M: Let’s talk about your book “Unmask.”  After reading it I feel great admiration and respect for how much you have accomplished in your life.  The amount of obstacles you overcame is like trying to climb Everest without any training or proper gear!

K.H: “Hahahaha, well..I have to say this.  It was very difficult.”

HG&M: Why did you decided to write the book?

K.H: “Well, you know..I always thought I would eventually at some point write my story because there’s so much that I want people to know about the burning injury, first of all, and then not many people know about the bullying and stuff when I was little.  Then I thought I can tell some stories from the set, the horror stuff, being a stunt man for so long.  I thought it would be an interesting story. But I never really connected with an author until I met Mike (last name here), we seemed to really click and so I decide to let him go ahead and do it.  Because he guaranteed that I would have final approval of the finished product and that was important to me.  We just hit it off, and decided to do it. It took from start to finish right around a year.  Because he lives in Massachusetts and I live in Los Angeles and it’s kind of difficult getting together but did as much as possible.  I didn’t want to do the whole book over the phone or anything.  We got it finished and I’m very happy with the final outcome.”

HG&M: How hard it was for you to talk about some of the stories, like the bullies?  I have two kids of my own, eight and twelve, and honestly I had to stop a couple of times.

K.H: “You know it’s not easy when you recount some bad stuff, still gets to me to this day when I talk about certain things.  I just thought that maybe there is a possibility there might be a person who is struggling with that situation that will read my book and possibly get some inspiration from it knowing that you can overcome something like this and it doesn’t have to ruin your life.  Specially with the burn injury because there are so many people that are burned every year that I think, for me I know first hand, that seeing and talking to someone that has been burned was the best thing that could’ve happen to me as far as my recovery.  I know how much it can help, I’m hoping maybe at some point it can help somebody else knowing that there can be a life after the trauma.”

HG&M: Would you say that this book that you wrote is for you mostly or for the fans to know you better?

K.H: I think it’s probably both really.  I mean it was a way for me to tell the story in a way that people can read at their own pace.  Because there is no way I can sit and tell my whole life story to someone in one sitting so, it’s a way for people to learn things about me that they never knew or possibly they never wanna to know, I don’t know…some of the stuff…”oh boy!”..(laugh) so I don’t know, I think it’s for both.  I appreciate the fans so much and I understand that I’m in this position that I’m in because of the fans, I mean, without fans you have nothing as far as moving on like this.  I wrote the story for the fans and for myself.

HG&M: I know that you enjoy portraying famous killers like Jason, Letherface, you did a little bit of Freddy Krugger – K.H: “yeah, one shot”- is there any other famous killer or monster that you would like to play that you haven’t yet?

K.H: Well, I always wanted to play Frankenstein, and then I kinda did that in a comedy version of a movie called Chillerama, I did play Frankenstein in that one. It’s a different type of Frankenstein that you’ve ever seen.  That’s coming up in November 2011.

As far as other killers I think it will be quite a challenge to play somebody like John Wayne Gassy, he is one of the most fascinating bizarre serial killers ever. I think.  The fact that he buried people under his own house after he killed them.  Then he would entertain children at parties as a clown and stuff like that, I think that would be a pretty fascinating character to play since I played BTK – Dennis Lynn Rader (“BTK” stands for “Bind, Torture, Kill”) and Ed Gein and other real guys. Maybe at some point it would be cool to play the MUMMY.  Because I always feel that Jason was somewhat similar to the classic MUMMY character.

HG&M:  In your book you tell us that not getting the part on Freddy vs Jason was very frustrating for you.  From Jason to Victor Crowley, have many years passed from Jason to Hatchet I?

K.H: Let’s see, that would’ve been five years.  It really took a need it area of my life to play another character, similar, but still different that I can develop from the bottom up.  From originating the character, could all be me instead of taking what somebody has done previously and try to work on it.
So it pull a big boy for me that I wasn’t playing a character that I loved and all of a sudden Victor came along and it felt good again. Just so you know, we are about film the third Hatchet movie.

HG&M: How much did you shape the character of Victor Crowley until you were comfortable or did you follow what they put on the script?

K.H: Both, the director who wrote the script had had this character in his mind since he was eight years old.  He had a good idea how he wanted it to go and I respect that.  So I listened to his basic ideas and then just tried to expand on that.  Even though I’m originating the character on film, I didn’t come up with it.  You have to respect some of their ideas when they are the ones who dreamed up the characters themselves so I just add to it.

HG&M: Let’s talk about why you visit burn victims.

K.H:  The thing with burn it’s one of those situations were when you are in a hospital currently undergoing treatment for severe burns, your mind set is this, you won’t listen to anybody tell you anything about what you are going through unless they’ve been there themselves.  I don’t care if it’s a doctor who had been working with burns for 50 years, it he hasn’t been burned you really don’t know what you are talking about. Please  don’t tell me what I’m going to feel or how I’m feeling unless you’ve been there yourself. So when I’m able to go visit a kid or adult in a burn unit, currently healing from the burn and I can say “this is what to expect” and they are gonna listen to me, because they can look at me and see the scars and say “okay, there is a guy that knows what I’m going trough” and that is huge for your recovery.  It’s to be able to talk to somebody that knows what you are going through and I didn’t have that for a long, long time and finally I was able to see somebody like that and it helped so much that I know how much it can help.  That doesn’t mean I’m a miracle worker or anything. I know how much it can potentially help someone heal. I’m happy to do whatever I can because it helped me so much.

I also asked him that since he knows the Jason character so well if he would ever consider writing a script for a Jason movie.  Unfortunately he said he is only an actor and not a writer.  In any case, I still think it’s a good idea.  Wouldn’t you pay money for a movie if he wrote the script and was in it?  I know I would!  I think it’s money in the bank…. Come on Kane, just do it! 🙂

All in all folks, Kane its a tremendous human being, he was very, very nice on the phone.  More importantly, it gave this newbie movie critic 21 minutes that I will never forget.  Thank you Kane, you F~$#  rock!

Buy the book, it has tons of anecdotes that you will find interesting and a powerful message – in life if you really want something, you have to fight for it, no matter how impossible it might look.









-By George

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