Feb 12, 2012

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Sadako 3D (2012)

Sadako 3D (2012)

Akane is a high school teacher who hears a rumor from her students that there is actual footage on the Internet of someone’s suicide. The footage is said to drive anyone who sees it to also commit suicide. Akane does not believe the rumor at first, but when one of her female students dies after viewing the footage, she and her boyfriend Takanori are fatefully drawn into the horror that has been created by the man who appears in the suicide footage, Kashiwada.

Kashiwada’s intention is to create chaos in the world by bringing back Sadako and the power of her curse. Now Akane has to fight against Sadako and Kashiwada to save the lives of herself and Takanori.

May 12, 2012 (Japan)
Kadokawa Pictures
Tsutomu Hanabusa
Koji Suzuki
Satomi Ishihara
Kôji Seto
Yusuke Yamamoto


Writer Koji Suzuki has revealed that there will indeed be another scene where Sadako comes out from within the TV.

  • The film’s title refers to the ghostly villain from the series “Sadako Yamamura,” who has been iconically indentified by her pale skin and the long black hair covering a majority of her face.
  • The title “Sadako 3D” is said to be tentative and may change.
  • Author of the original novel Koji Suzuki has apparently scripted a completely new story.
  • This will obviously be in 3D.
  • It’s unclear whether this is actually a sequel or a “reboot” of the original Japanese films, though, several reports indicate it is a sequel. However, that has yet to be confirmed.
  • The original – birthed from the novel – spawned a few sequels, remakes, and television series and was essentially what caused studios to notice the potential with foreign properties, primarily Japanese films in the horror genre.
  • The latest installment in the popular Japanese Ring series.
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