Feb 25, 2011

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The Horde (2009)

The Horde (2009)

Director Yannick Dahan, Benjamin Rocher brought us a horror zombie flick that will keep you on the edge on your seat with lots of blood, gore and more! I totally loved this movie!


The plot revolves around a group of Paris policemen, who embark on a mission of vengeance after one of their colleagues dies by the hands of a notorious drug dealer hauled up inside a building. They storm the social housing complex with the intent of taking him down, in the heart of a derelict and corrupt Paris neighborhood. The operation is a failure, and the team is captured. As they are going to be executed a zombie apocalypse breaks out, cops and criminals will have to forge an uneasy alliance to survive the undead.

What I like about the movie was that they don’t explained how the zombies come to exist, instead they concentrate in showing how the characters need to survive.

This being a foreign film, the nuances of humor, perspective, and cultural context will be different. With this in mind we will meet a neighbor that looks like he’s on crack but it’s not.  Somehow this fellow knows how to kill the zombies, even though the outbreak has been for only a few hours.  Our main characters still don’t know who to kill them…I thought that par of the movie was written fast to feel up a whole on the plot, since this neighbor character was totally unnecessary in the main story.

The most troubling scene in the film involves a female zombie, who’s been incapacitated and is surrounded by a few of the male characters as she crawls along the floor. As the men set about taunting the helpless zombie, the dialogue takes a turn for the worse when they suddenly start tormenting her. It takes a strange lack of skill to make a zombie an object of absolute sympathy.

The effects are top of the line gore effects. There is some CGI effects added, but tastefully and not overdone. Plenty of scares and fast paced action, with some really badass actors. For zombie fans this is a definite must see…

Get hammered during the first slow half hour with a crowd in your living room, and I can guarantee you’ll be cheering at the screen for the final 60 minutes.

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