Jan 9, 2011

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Wild Country (2005)

Wild Country (2005)

Sottish landscapes are a perfect scenario for a werewolf movie;  lots of depressing green pastures, fog, sheep everywhere and the gloomy weather.

The movie starts with Kelly Ann Ann (Samantha Shields) who is having a baby and gives it away and at the insistence of priest (Peter Capaldi).  Six weeks later he takes four teenagers and drops them in the middle of the countryside for no apparent reason.  Before this he told them the local story of a family who used to eat people (hey, this is a modern catholic priest) scaring the living crap of the teens.  These cannibals had 14 kids, (“they were good catholics” as they say in the movie…lol) who were caught and burnt alive, one of them eating itself while it was burning (yummy!), but a couple of them presumably escaped…(get it?).

So after he drops the kids where this tale took place and says, “Hey, I’ll see you all tomorrow!”, “I hope you know how to read a map!!!”  Well, he didn’t say that, but watch the movie and gosh, it’s between the lines people….

A fifth teen, Lee (Martin Compston) shows up uninvited, this was a great scene considering he was Kelly Ann’s ex-boyfriend (the baby’s daddy).

Remember Kelly Ann had a baby in the beginning of the movie? Don’t forget this.

Very awkward situation for Kelly Ann now, so they continue and meet a weird shepherd who looks like a child pervert in the middle of the country.  Doesn’t every little village have one?  After meeting this character things start going wrong.

After setting camp, Kelly Ann has to go pee and guess who’s watching her? The creepy pervert, that’s right.  Well, don’t worry, he’s the first victim.  Lee comes to the rescue after Kelly Ann screams from the top of her lungs, although the kids don’t believe her.

Hmm… I wonder why; middle of nowhere, dark, and they saw a creepy guy a few hours ago.  Lee flashes a knife and pervert runs away.  Not far unfortunately.

 Going back to the camp, Kelly Ann continues hearing a baby cry, just like when she meets the pervert shepherd, although no one else heard it, this time Lee does.

They follow the noise to some ruins where they find the head of the dead shepherd and the baby.  Without thinking twice she takes the baby and they run away followed by the creature (werewolf).  They alert everyone at the camp and they initiate the journey to..crap, they don’t know were to go since they can read a map!

They still go and one by one they get picked off.  Finally, they go back to the beast’s lair, aka ruins, where they killed one monster.  Unfortunately there is another monster and now they have to find the priest.  Kelly Ann does, eventually, a few victims later, and tells the priest what happened to the group – BTW the father was sleeping with the keeper minutes before she founds the place – please don’t ask- and of course he doesn’t believe Kelly Anns’ story.

I forgot to mentioned that after Kelly Ann finds the baby, she fed him and he bit her (we all know babies have teeth when they are born) so we know what’s going to happen eventually, right? We’ve seen soooo many movies about werewolf’s.

 Well it happens and right when the last survivor comes for help…

The movies is actually entertaining, besides showing the WORST werewolf suit in cinema history.

The acting among the teens really brings the movie from unwatchable to watchable.  My only complained is that their Scottish accent is so thick, I had a problem understanding what they were saying (had to put headphones and then listened to them very carefully – Instant watch on Netflix no subtitles…yet).

All in all an entertaining movie that has gore, humor, romance and laughs. Of course, then there’s the unanswered question of the baby. To be specific, why was this little guy able to survive when no one else has?


  • Kelly Ann  – Samantha Shields
  • Lee – Martin Compston
  • Father Steve – Peter Capaldi
  • David – Kevin Quinn
  • Louise – Nicola Muldoon
  • Mark – Jamie Quinn
  • Shepherd – Alan Mchugh

Filming locations

  • Drumchapel, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Mugdock Country Park, Scotland
  • Kippen, Scotland
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