Feb 15, 2010

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The Pine Deep trilogy by Jonathan Maberry

The Pine Deep trilogy by Jonathan Maberry

It was by pure coincidence that I stumbled upon this book.  I was at a Horror convention at Monster Mania 2008 when I saw the author selling and autographing the books.  Three books for $20 with an autograph!

I never heard of this author so I had no idea what to expect.  The first book “Ghost Road Blues” is about Pine Deep and it’s horror that happened 30 years ago. It will also introduce the main characters and give you an and idea of what’s going to happen throughout the series.

The second book “Dead Man’s Song” is more of a preparation of the evil master plan.  Halloween is approaching, their crops are dying, people are disappearing or turning up dead… Doesn’t bode well for a town that survives on its tourists around Halloween time. Creatures are appearing all over the place. Werewolves? Vampires? Ghosts? Angels? Take your pic… This is like an old monster movie mishmash.

The third and final book “Bad Moon Rising” it closes the circle that started with the first book. Plenty of action and gore in this one.  It was my favorite out of the three. Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of the trilogy is the way Maberry has worked in his deep knowledge of vampire and werewolf folklore to provide original takes on each of these monsters, which have been so abused and overused in recent fiction and film. As he points out in his Author’s Note it is not often we read of a ghost who just doesn’t know how to be a ghost. Enjoyably, here is a writer who convincingly tips his hat to some of horror’s icons – both fictional and real.

One of the most evil villains recently created – Ubel Griswold – shares top billing with the brutal killer Karl Ruger, the cruelly violent Vic Wingate. Iron Mike Sweeney, a 14 year old who is not at all what he seems, the ghostly Bone Man, Malcom Crow, Val Guthrie, Saul Weinstock and the other heroes all appear fully formed and true to their destiny. Maberry plays no tricks – even the appropriately named Mayor, Terry Wolfe, acts out his role with not a hint of being out of character, or destiny.

But in the end, it’s the story that counts – and this is a whopper. A mini-series would not do it justice.

My only problem was with one character, the Bone Man, he is the reason of the book.  I found him annoying and boring, I couldn’t connect with him as I did with other characters.

To me the book is a strong contender for the big screen.  It has plenty of gore, action and sex.  For those of you looking for some new material, give it a try.  The books are easy to read and especially the last one, you won’t be able to stop reading it.  I highly recommend you add them to your reading list!

I can’t wait to buy another books from Jonathan Maberry.

By George

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