Mar 1, 2010

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Girl Number Three (2009)

Girl Number Three (2009)

– By Patrick

GIRL NUMBER THREE, based on the graphic novel by Nathan Thomas Milliner,  tells the story of Max, a sassy art student who,
while shopping for a Halloween costume, is kidnapped by a cult of mask-wearing, gun-toting creeps.  Turns out she’s not alone though.
Eight other girls have also been captured, taken to an abandoned warehouse and are about to become unwilling participants in the cult’s
annual “harvest” ritual.  Each girl is assigned a numbered skull (…guess what number Max gets?) and dragged off
to distant parts of the warehouse to suffer unspeakable horrors.

Except things don’t go according to plan.

In a bizarre accidental turn of events, Max’s tormentor is killed.

Max gets free, Max gets an ax. Max gets revenge.

Right down to its funky retro poster art, GIRL NUMBER THREE is a wickedly fun throwback to the old grindhouse female revenge exploitationflicks of the 1970’s. It also manages to rise far above its minuscule budget in just about every aspect from musical score, artistic direction,and most importantly, by delivering a helluva lot of thrills.

From its very first scene, in which a girl is hunted by a cultist with a huge mutha of a knife in a flashback to Halloween 1969,
GIRL NUMBER THREE is able to generate a surprising amount of tension and suspense.  While the acting gets a little spotty occasionally,
there is still an honesty and believability to the characters and their relationships that keeps you hooked.  Plus, Julie Streble as our heroine Max
is extremely likable as our spunky little spitfire of a heroine, so you’re behind her every step of her way down the slippery slope from cowering victim to avenging wraith. Plus, she’s got a great iconic look for this kind of movie….perky bobbed hair, rusty fire ax, blood-drenched French Maid’s costume, the blank-faced mask of one of her victims…..the fantastic stuff future Halloween costumes are made of.

Even though its shot on video, the filmmakers wisely converted GIRL NUMBER THREE into black-and-white, adding a classy sense of starkness as well as adding richness and depth to a lot of the shots.  Since it is based on a graphic novel, great attention is paid to the composition of each shot, and the cultists’ featureless paper-mache masks looks especially eerie in monochrome. (Stay tuned though the closing credits where frames of the graphic novel are presented side-by-side with their corresponding stills from the film and you’ll see the artistry that went into putting all this together.)

I was lucky enough to catch GIRL NUMBER THREE at its world premiere last fall at Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, where it was the unexpected sleeper hit of the festival.    Despite multiple problems with the projector, the crowd hung in there and got swept away, laughing in all the right spots and cheering wildly when the credits began to roll.  While it may not have had the budget or the star power of many of the other films that weekend, GIRL NUMBER THREE definitely gave me the most exciting and satisfying movie-going experience of them

Now go see it already!!!  Sheesh…..

GIRL NUMBER THREE is available for purchase for $20 at and check out the trailer while you’re there!

-Another review by Patrick

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