Dec 2, 2009

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Ice From The Sun (1999)

Ice From The Sun (1999)

Written, Directed and Edited by Eric Stanze

Starring Ramona Midgett as Alison and DJ Vivona as the Presence AKA Abraham.

This review is of the 2 disc Collectors Edition. Ice from the Sun is a nightmarish indie punk Art House film centering around the character of Alison. The Presence aka Abraham is the ruler of his own dimension filled with blood, pain, and horror encased in ice and he relies on six humans at a time to which he plays games with to their deaths.

Heaven and Hell both desire the destruction of Abraham and his dimension. Alison, after silting her writs is, summoned by an angel who asks Alison to go back to earth and enter Abraham’s dimension (for only humans can do this). Only then can she convince Abraham to remember who he is, making it possible for Heaven and Hell to penetrate the dimension and bring Abraham to his destruction.

Ice from the Sun is a a fairly decent entry into the direct to video shot on digital cam. concoctions in the vein of Shatter Dead. Cruel and violent, it is like looking through a kaleidescope, having an epileptic spasm while slitting your wrists.

The plot is simple and quite a bit of time is spent in exposition. Which is one of a few flaws. The two biggest problems with the movie is; the writing can be a little silly at times and the acting, you might say is not very well done. During the 116 minutes I would have liked to have had less character and plot and more gore. Which is this movies strongest points. It can be a little boring at times.

It is however a fun little movie to watch if only mindless fun. The gore is good and strong, heads exploding and the like. One the most interesting deaths comes when a man ties a naked (full frontal) woman by her feet to the back of his truck. Drives until most of her skin is removed, then he rubs salt all over her.

The special features are a positive bonus. Three different Commentary Tracks, Behind-the-Scenes-Documentary, Music Score Featurette , Music Videos, Trailers and more.

As previously stated, it is a fun little movie and one of the best in the direct to video sea of forgotten. It has its flaws which will keep it from becoming what one might consider a classic of the genre but if all you’re looking for is a little bit of bloody fun then you should at least see it once.


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