Apr 24, 2010

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Horror Rises From The Tomb (1971)

Horror Rises From The Tomb (1971)

A giallo-influenced horror that is likely to be enjoyed by those entertained by Lucio Fulci’s early films. Giving this DVD as a present from a very good friend of mine, I decide to watch this Spanish Classic.

Truly, is there nothing more beautiful than two black magic vampire creatures finding one another, their love transcending the centuries and yet still fresh enough to enjoy the simple delight of drinking blood from the still-beating hearts of their victims together? The answer to this question is a resounding “no.”

Alaric de Marnac (the one and only Paul Naschy)  and his mistress Mabille de Lancre, is beheaded in the 15th century who are accused of sampling from the entire buffet table of potential Satanic misdeeds. Oh, and they are werewolves/vampires/sorcerers. How’s THAT for multitasking?
Anyways, returns to life in contemporary France seeking revenge on his executioner’s descendants.That’s the plot.

Hmm… let’s make a check list of what you will really see?
– Psychotic local villagers? Check.
– Tons of gore with orange blood? Check.
– Female characters that wear less and less clothing as the situation gets more desperate? Check.
– Poorly timed dubbing. Check.
– Magical amulets. Check.
– A comically evil cape clad villain? Check.

Yup, this is a Naschy film! Actually a pretty entertaining film, if you like seventies euro horror, this one is a bit above average, especially with Naschy playing one of the heroes and the villain. Make sure to check out the ‘alternate scenes’ in the Bonus Features. All the scenes with nudity were filmed twice, once with nudity and again without, for network tv. Seeing all those scenes over again, only with everyone chastely covered up, is really quite funny.

I don’t know if it was me but when Naschy is shown as Alaric de Marnac just looks like Rip Thorn in “King of Kings”.  I was laughing every time I saw him.  Also some shots are blurry and weird, just like a bad bootleg will look like, either that or I had one to many glasses of wine…

Excellent film to watch with friends over tons of beer, wine and hard liquor.

– By George

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