Feb 9, 2010

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La Saga De Los Drácula -The Dracula Saga (1972)

La Saga De Los Drácula -The Dracula Saga (1972)

La Saga De Los Drácula is directed by León Klimovsky and stars Tina Sáinz as Berta and Tony Isbert as Hans.

The pregnant Berta and her husband Hans are on their way to Berta’s childhood home, a castle inhabiting her grandfather Count Dracula (Narciso Ibáñez Menta) and his brides. The Count needs Berta’s male child to continue the family line for he is dying and his only other heir is a severely deformed child monstrosity.

On their way to the castle the horses pulling their carriage refuse to continue into the woods and Berta and Hans are forced to walk to a nearby hotel. On the way they find a woman in the forest with strange wounds on her neck and body. Could it be a devil or an animal attack?

Upon arrival, everything seems strange to Berta. Noone in her family is around to greet them and for lunch they are served raw meat and wine that tastes unusual. Things get stranger and stranger as she gets bigger and bigger. Hans however begins a series of affairs with the women of the house. Berta realizes that she is in a house of vampires and that Hans is one now too.

She just gets paler and paler as the baby bites her from the womb. Finally her baby is born . . . dead. In one final act of violence she dispatches her family. But is the baby really dead? Will the Dracula name live on?

This a great example of Spanish eurohorror. Menta is a noble Dracula and the atmosphere helped along by its soundtrack work to create a great film that fans of Spanish cinema might not want to miss. Blood, gore and sexy vampire’s. What’s not to like?

This Special Edition DVD is presented in a new uncut high definition transfer from the original negative in full frame. English and Castillian language tracks with removable English subtitles. With alternate clothed scenes used for the original Spanish theatrical release and additional footage. Spanish credit sequence and trailers for other Spanish horror films.

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La Saga De Los Drácula -The Dracula Saga (1972), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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