Jul 22, 2010

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Laid To Rest (2009)

Laid To Rest (2009)

Extreme gore, fast pace and lots of bad acting.  Lay To Rest try to be original by adding a silver mask and a video camera (alla Predator) to the killer but it comes our ridiculous…

When a beautiful young girl (Bobbi Sue Luther) wakes up in a coffin, she doesn’t know who she is or how she got there. What she does know is that she’ll have to put up the fight of her life to outwit a tech-savvy madman who wants to slay her before the night is over. On the run from the killer, she meets up with some seemingly benign locals … but how can she know whom to trust? Robert Hall directs this creepy horror flick.

Slasher flicks are not typically known for their strong story lines however it’s nice when they at least attempt to add one in.  All we see are people running and getting kill.  The death are very well done but whoever had the idea of putting a chromeskull to the killer totally f. that up since it’s just laughable.  The main “star” Bobbi Sue Luther (who’s a third rate bikini model when she’s not “acting” was just terrible and you kind of wanted to see her character killed at many points.)

There was a part in the movie that I was laughing so hard, the killer somehow synced his GPS with the GPS of the victim’s car and was able to control the car!  Come on…

Overall Laid to Rest is an excellent slasher film for those people who like movies that make no sense, bad acting, microscopic plot and tons of gore. Otherwise stay far away.

– By George

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