Mar 21, 2010

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Masters of Horror: Pro-Life (2007)

Masters of Horror: Pro-Life (2007)

Like Carpenters entry in the first season of Masters of Horror, this one is scripted by Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan. Again, like his first entry, this story takes an interesting premise and drains it of all interest and fills the empty void with mindless gore.

Carpenters direction is strictly run of the mill, and can do nothing to save this terrible script. Ron Perlman, an actor who needs good direction to give a good performance, flounders with nothing to work with, lacking even a touch of conviction that he is a man on Gods will. The siege premise makes no sense, and the actions of Perlman & his family are ludicrous. When raiding a clinic to save your daughter, would you delay for 10 minutes to torture a doctor? Would an abortion clinic have no fire exits? Would no one have a cell phone? Have these people even heard of the police?

The special effects, are boring, and one effect in particular is a tired re-tread of an effect from Carpenters classic, The Thing. But it really comes down to the writing. The viewpoints on abortion are so simplistic that no one really sounds like they believe anything they say.

The viewpoint of the movie is almost complete nihilism, with both the doctors and the fanatics reducing themselves very quickly to gun-toting maniacs. Like Cigarette Burns, this has a great premise that could be made into a fantastic horror film if the writers and directors put an ounce of subtly or depth into the story and characters.

Even gore-hounds will be disappointed by the mostly off-screen bloodshed, and a couple of CGI exploding heads.

– NOTE: I didn’t have time to write a review and since I saw this movie on Netflix, I found a review that I totally agreed with.  Review from Jonnyflash.  Thank you Jonny!

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