May 7, 2011

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Monster Man (2003)

Monster Man (2003)

Excellent horror flick with tons of laughs, gore but not nudity…:-(

Definitely this is a rare horror movie since half of the movie it’s about this two friends who compete to each other.  The two leads were over the top idiotic personalities which appears to be a turn off for some but not something that bothered me.  It’s a movie that is never taking itself very seriously and I like that


Adam (Eric Jungmann) and Harley (Justin Urich) are buddies who set out on a road trip only to find themselves in a heap of trouble when obnoxious Harley makes the wrong people mad at a seedy biker bar. The two are forced to run for their lives when one man gets behind the wheel of his truck and tries to plow the pair down. Will they be able to escape this monster truck with its monstrous driver, or will they become road-kill?

The movie borrows from other films like Jeepers Creepers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Joyride.

The second part of the movie takes us to the horror aspect of the story.  Although the explanation as to why the “monster family” was screwed up was very superficial making them not care at all about any of them.  I think that if they would’ve chose to show more the leather face creature or spend more time with the other characters in the family, perhaps a new horror saga could’ve continue, but the way they left it I doubt they will make a second part.

Excellent choice for a rainy Saturday afternoon with your friends, specially the ones that don’t like horror movies! (the first half it just goofy comedy)

– By George

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