Feb 15, 2010

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Mulberry Street (2007)

Mulberry Street (2007)

By Ray~

Everyone in New York City hates rats, but the characters in Mulberry Street have it much worse than usual.  Thanks to the new construction in the neighborhood, rats are being driven out of their nests and above ground.  Worse yet, they’re attacking people, and the bites are turning them into human-sized rats.

There are plenty of good things to find here: the makeup effects and prosthetic on the rat people look pretty good, and they’re kept in the dark enough to avoid overexposure.  The characters are developed enough that you root for them to make it, and the script avoids the very common pitfall of making characters into assholes solely for the purpose of getting the audience to root against them.  Instead, they behave like people who’ve been neighbors for years by pulling together and trying to help each other survive the outbreak.  It utilizes its low budget well, with most of the action confined to a few rooms in an apartment building on the titular street, and using ambient lighting to set the mood properly.

If there’s one complaint I have, it’s that it takes a little while to get going.  The movie doesn’t really hit its stride until almost halfway through, when the infected start attacking in numbers, but once it does, it really hits its stride, splashing a bit of gore as the survivors’ numbers dwindle, and the creatures start trying to get into the building.

As a whole, it feels like the poor man’s 28 Days Later.  Not to say it’s as good (that’s a very high threshold), but it comes off like someone’s attempt to show what would happen during the missing 4 weeks in that movie, except accelerated into a single night.

Despite all of the positives it has, it’s easy to see why Mulberry Street is so unknown: its plague of rats plays on a fear more prevalent in New York than other places, and its swipes at developers and a mayor who can’t be bothered to interrupt his Caribbean vacation to come back feel a little NYC-centric.  But any fan of good horror, or who’s had a run-in with a rat should find this movie a dark but enjoyable bit of zombie-inspired goodness.

By Ray

Mulberry Street 2007
Written by Nick Damici & Jim Mickle

Dir. by Jim Mickle
Starring Nick Damici & Kim Blair

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