Nov 6, 2011

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Outpost (2007)

Outpost (2007)

A group or mercenaries are hired to retrieve “minerals” from a former bunker in Eastern Europe, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  To this deserted underground bunker as soon as they arrive thing started to go wrong.

One of the mercs gets shot in the arm making the mercenaries go underground to take shelter. Shortly after they find a sole survivor from a pile of dead bodies.  Little do they know, that they got pure evil on their hands.

Even though the budget of the movie was very small they were able to came up with a movie that it’s entertaining, fast pace, that will keep you at the edge of your couch all the time.

The cinematography it’s excellent, as well as the editing making the gruesome killing extremely scary.  The score of the movie sounded to me a lot like THE THING (1982).

Another aspect of this movie I like, is that the zombie-gost-nazi didn’t eat the protagonists but instead killed them with their knifes and bare hands.

I’ve yet to see another similar movie, called THE BUNKER (2001).  I also recommend another movie that follows the same theme of supernatural evil forces called DEADWATCH (2002) starring Jimmie Bell (Billy Elliot, King Kong, Jumper) and Andy Sarkis!!!(Lord of the Ring, Planet of the Apes).


The film was produced by Scottish couple Arabella Croft and Kieran Parker and their production company Black Camel Pictures. They mortgaged their Glasgow home in order to raise £200,000 to finance production. The script is by Rae Brunton, based on Parker’s original concept, which he described as “Platoon meets The Sixth Sense“.

Although set in Eastern Europe, filming was done in a munitions factory in Dalbeattie, in a forest near Castle Douglas, and in the Glasgow Film City studio complex in the Govan area of Glasgow.  Filming began in January 2007.

Sony Pictures bought distribution rights to the film for £1.2 million.  Sony released it directly to DVD in the USA on March 11, 2008. Following favourable reviews, the film was exhibited theatrically across Europe. The film’s European premiere was at a gala showing as part of the Dumfries Film Festival  on the 3rd of May 2008, followed by limited distribution to 130 UK cinemas.

The producers are planning a sequel: Outpost II: Black Sun.  The sequel has been granted £25,000 of funding from Dumfries and Galloway Council.


A sequel, entitled Outpost: Black Sun, is currently in production. The film has been written by Steve Barker and Rae Brunton while Barker has returned as director.


  • Ray Stevenson as DC (nicknamed John by Taktarov)- British Royal Marine Warrant Officer
  • Julian Wadham as Hunt
  • Richard Brake as Prior – United States Marine Corps
  • Paul Blair as Jordan – Scottish French Foreign Legionnaire
  • Brett Fancy as Taktarov – Russian Alpha Group
  • Enoch Frost as Cotter – Belgian Peacekeeper
  • Julian Rivett as Voyteche – Yugoslav military
  • Michael Smiley as McKay/Mac – IRA Guerilla/British Paratrooper
  • Johnny Meres as The Breather (Brigadeführer)

Directed by Steve Barker

– By George

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