Jul 10, 2010

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Razortooth (2007)

Razortooth (2007)

IMG, another CGI serpent movie! The whole thing looks a Scifi Saturday Nite movie BUT it was entertaining.

I’m sure you can guess the plot here. Deep south. Swamp. Genetic engineering. Giant eel. Dead people. The end.

When four college students trek to the Everglades to conduct extra-credit research for their biology professor, they become prey to a huge man-eating eel with nasty incisors that’s been terrorizing a nearby Florida community. As they try to kill the bloodthirsty beast with the help of a few local residents, the kids uncover their professor’s true motive for sending them to the swamp.

I’ve gotta tell ya, there is tons of body counts throughout the movie.  Some are very good, others you’ll just laugh at it.  My main laugh was that the “crazy commando soldier” (there is always one in these type of movies) carries a BB gun!!!!!I know because I used to have one just like that when I was a teenager.  When threatened with a giant eel, what do they do? They hop in boats and go looking for it in its native habitat. Not once do they say, “Hell. Maybe we should leave town for while. You know – avoid the whole man-eating eel thing.” Even if they had been given a good script, I don’t know that they could have done anything with it.

My god, so many laughable moments I can’t really tell you or I’ll spoiled it for ya’.  I still don’t know if those moments were meant to be funny or not.  The main actors were having a ball and I don’t blame them, can you imaging after what there agent must’ve told them.  “Yeah, the movie is about a giant eel (cgi), the cast will be mostly of people who have never acted before or did it when they were kids, oh btw, the guns are all fake as well as the death victims (cgi gore)” LOL

They did the best they could and when you realized the whole thing sucks, just go with it and you will enjoy it.  A perfect movie to watch with friends who are hard core horror fans …they will hated it. LOL.

Two good things about the film?

1) Gruesome kills
2) It ends.

– By George (enjoy the pics)

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