Mar 6, 2010

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Red Mist -aka Freakdog (2008)

Red Mist -aka Freakdog (2008)

The movies starts with the main character Kenneth (Andrew Lee Potts from “Alice” & “Premival”) remembering his tragic past when he was a kid and lost his mom.

The plot:

A young doctor decides to test an experimental drug on a man who’s been languishing in a coma, and the procedure has unexpected consequences.  Although the man’s body remains rooted to his hospital bed, his spirit can move around at will. Now, the crazed patient can inhabit unsuspecting bystanders and force them to exact his revenge. First on his list? The meddling medical students responsible for his comatose condition.

The story, while not the most original, to me was a cliche but it was good enough to keep me engaged for an hour and twenty minutes. It is kind of like something you might see on the X-Files, but way more brutal.

Visually, it reeked of uber Bava-oscity. I felt the character of most of the victims were not developed at all. I didn’t care who dies in the movie. I found myself rooting for the killer long before the first victim. Once the movie moves away from the dumbed intros and set-up, RM becomes far more interesting as “Shrooms” director Paddy Breathnach borrows the plot of Australian horror classic “Patrick“, and adds a dose of Fox’s “House“, which, while admittedly sounds lame, gives the movie legs and elevates this slasher flick, about a slasher who can’t slash, to something almost high class.

I felt the movie also pulled ideas from Asian horror movies, although it tries to be scary it fails at the attempt.  This is not a horrible flick but I must recommend “Autopsy” if you want to see a good flick along these lines.

– By George

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