Sep 19, 2011

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Sector 7 (2011)

Sector 7 (2011)

After Avatar, “Sector 7” is one of the BEST 3D movies I’ve seen. Period. Awesome shots, absolutely creepy creature and, definitely, one of the most original monster I’ve seen From Korea my friends. A horror, action, top of the line flick. Only at AMC 25. Filmed primarily in 2D with certain sequences getting the 3D treatment, the whole film was transfer into full 3D before being released.  The story is that old classic of girl meets monster, monster tries to eat girl, girl avenges dead father, you know the one.


The action takes place on a drilling platform caught in a typhoon, where a young woman, Cha Hae-Joon (played by the award winning Ha Ji-Won) finds herself face-to-face with the mysterious creature that was responsible for her fathers death 25 years previously.

That film is Sector 7 a fantastic monster movie from C J Entertainment, the same studio who brought us the superlative The Host another gem from Korea.

The movie has some incredible sequence like the one one the ocean floor.  The creatures that live there (not the monster) are coming out of the screen, it looks like the are in front of you, that was an incredible effect.  Also the scene we a character is on fire, thrown from the rig in slow motion.  As typical with foreign Asian movies, sometimes the acting is a bit over-done and also the pace can be a bit slow at times, but it does pick up.

Except for one scene, there is no gore on this movie.  The scary factor is there but it never deliver effectively.  I was mesmerize by the 3D effect than anything else.

The monster rendering was just perfect.  Light, reflection and muscle were very realistic.  So far I didn’t find any flows on the CGI character.  It was done just like Hollywood (on big production) will do it.

All and all, Sector 7 is a very entertainment movie that will keep you on the edge till the end.  Unlike American movies, it doesn’t end with an opening for a second part. Yeah!

I hope you ill enjoy it too.

By- George


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