Dec 21, 2010

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The Cave (2005)

The Cave (2005)

The Cave had lots of potential but felt short on the delivery…

The movie start in the cold war.  Men driving in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains looking for a cave.  What they found are the ruins of a monastery and in it a hidden cave.  After descending on the cace an avalanched sealed the only exit leaving them in the dark, listening to erring noises.

Back to present day, a new team is brought to the same place to explore the cave (which by the way, it’s constantly referred as the The Cave, perhaps to let you know you are watching the movie called The Cave and not the Abyss, Aliens or Tremors), a caverns that extends for miles underground, complete with an underground body of water.

There is some mythology that surrounds the cave, something about flying skeletons of death that is never really explained other than setting up the film’s creatures.  Anyway they bring all this instruments down to the cave and after a few minutes things started to go wrong.  When the cavern they’re surveying collapses, stranding them inside a network of caves at the bottom of the ocean with no way out. But finding the exit becomes an even bigger priority when they discover that evil creatures are sharing the space.

I thought the claustrophobic atmosphere was very well done in The Descent but here was just laughable.  No matter were they were going they always found huge spaces.  Also being the first time on the cavern you will think they will get lost easily…Haha, not really. They will run, take shortcuts like people who leave there all their lives.

The movie lacks of suspense in any kind of way, something that should be hard to miss when you are in a cave, that is dark all the time filled with huge creatures…
The creatures were ok when they show their head only, as soon as the cgi creature comes up, it looks totally fake.

I’m a huge fan of creature feature movies and I always get excited when I found a new flick. Alway looking for scary and original. Unfortunately this is neither.

Bruce Hunt (director)
Michael Steinberg, Tegan West (screenplay)
Cole Hauser …. Jack
Morris Chestnut …. Top
Eddie Cibrian …. Tyler
Rick Ravanello …. Briggs
Marcel Iures …. Dr. Nicolai
Daniel Dae Kim …. Kim
Lena Headey …. Kathryn
Piper Perabo …. Charlie

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