Mar 8, 2010

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The Hills Run Red (2009)

The Hills Run Red (2009)

When I started hearing the buzz for The Hills Run Red I admit I was skeptical. It was going straight to DVD and it was coming from Dark Castle’s Home Video line which produced the dreadful Rest Stop movies. Keeping this in mind I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I gave it a shot. While it’s not a great film there are worse ways to spend eighty minutes of your time. Any film that deals with incest, a back-woods maniac and has Sophie Monk nude in it can’t be bad.

The plot revolves around a missing 80’s horror film, The Hills Run Red. All that appears to exist of this film is a grindhouse style trailer. The film is an urban legend.  An avid horror fan Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrink) enlists two friends, Serena and Lalo (Janet Montgomery and Alex Wyndham) to find this lost film. The film’s director, Wilson Wyler Concannon (William Sadler), has been missing for years. The trio starts to make a documentary about their search for this movie.

Tyler manages to track down film-maker’s daughter Alexa (Sophie Monk), who starred in the movie as a child, but now makes a living as a stripper. She’s a stripper with a heroin addiction and recurring flashbacks to her involvement in the missing film. Tyler helps Alexa to kick her heroin habit with his magical kick heroin addiction in one night kit. Tyler then convinces Alexa to help him and his friends make a documentary about The Hills Run Red, and try to locate a copy of the film. The merry band travels to her father’s home to search for clues on the film’s whereabouts. When they get to the director’s home they discover that something strange is going on and Babyface (Danko Jordanov), the supposedly fictional killer from the film, is to everyone’s surprise is alive and looking for victims.

Director Dave Parker (The Dead Hate the Living) doesn’t do a bad job here. The film builds slowly and then at about the halfway point kicks into gear. The film opens nicely with a young Babyface doing some home plastic surgery to his own face with a scissors. The acting is solid and William Sadler has a nice bit as the missing director. The film has some sick touches which really add to its appeal.  I won’t spoil the fun because that would reveal the twist. There is a good amount of nudity and gore which should keep the fanboys happy. The film however does suffer from a lack of originality. While I did have fun with it I kept thinking that I had seen this before. I also found myself wanted to see the film that was in the grindhouse trailer. It looked like it could’ve been better than the actual movie. Another thing that bothered me was the CG gore. There are several good kills that are marred by shoddy CG work. This film could’ve used some more latex.

The Hills Run Red is a solid rental. For a studio released direct to DVD feature it’s a pleasant surprise. A tad familiar but there’s enough sick fun going on that you’ll be entertained.

– By Frank

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