Feb 18, 2010

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The Prowler (1981)

The Prowler (1981)

By Keith~

Greetings, my little kiddies! I am back for another fun filled review, this time it’s THE PROWLER.

The interesting thing about The Prowler is that it’s identical to My Bloody Valentine, except it is a whole lot better. The story kicks off with a Dear John letter left for a World War II veteran, the letter goes onto explain that the girlfriend of the veteran can’t wait around any more for him and wishes him the best of luck in life.

Upset that his girlfriend has left him and got a new boyfriend the veteran shows up to the graduation dance and decides it’s time to teach this chick a lesson. And by lesson I mean killing her with a pitchfork through her back-type of lesson, It’s awesome. (That’s what she gets for not supporting the troops!) 35 years later the town decides it’s okay to have another graduation, and of course the murders start again. Now the good thing about The Prowler is that there are actual suspenseful moments in the film.

The real star of the film is not an actors or the director, it’s Tom Savini. Tom, is an artist with a exceptional keen eye for detail and how to make things work. There are some pretty brutal deaths in the film that will make you shout out loud like Romans at the Colosseum. The camera work is pretty basic swaying from side to side as if the director is trying to put you into a hypnotic state which unfortunately will either bore you at times or put you to sleep.

The similarities to My bloody Valentine and The Prowler are pretty similar both are in the setting of a small town (one movie insults our intelligence and names the town valentine bluffs, the other is set in the realistically terrifying state of New jersey, and If you have ever step foot into New Jersey or just smelled the air there you know, that alone is the setting for a scary movie). They both have an incident that occurred many years ago that triggered a killing that will ultimately give the town a supposed death curse, and the murderer will return to perform the same stylistically ritual type murders. Unfortunately one of my major problems with the prowler is that the film seems to drift on and off at times, and there are scenes for red herring purposes but come off as a waste of time.

I suggest half way through the movie crack open a can of VAULT or SURGE, down it, and continue finishing the movie. For more keithisms make sure you check back right here at horrorgoreandmore.com



Written by Neal Barbera and Glenn Leopold

Directed by Joseph Zito

Starring Vicky Dawson & Christpher Goutman

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