Feb 12, 2010

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The Wolfman (2010)

The Wolfman (2010)

Universal went back to a classic that made the studio so famous: The Wolfman, among other monsters.

To me The Wolfman was always special since it was the first horror movie I ever saw.  I must’ve being five year old but I still remember the feeling today.  When I read about the remake of the movie I got very excited.

Well, the movie got its name, the name of the characters, the fog but apart from that its different.  Its more of a love story.  I lost count of how many shots of the moon I saw throughout the flick, which it was creative but rapidly I found it annoying to say the least.

Benicio Del Toro plays Lawrence Talbot, a famous Shakespearian stage actor who, in 1891, returns to his family estate and his estranged father (Anthony Hopkins) in England after his only brother is savagely murdered. As a child, the prodigal Lawrence left the dreary Victorian town of Blackmoor for America following the death of his beloved mother, an incident that took him years to surmount. He sees more than a little of her in his brother’s beautiful, grieving fiancée, Gwen (Emily Blunt).

I found Hopkins laughable at times since he always plays the same wacky character in every movie.  More disturbing was skeptical Scotland Yard inspector named Aberline (Hugo Weaving) since every line he delivered sound it like Mr. Smith from the Matrix saga.

Trying to create tension and suspense, The Wolfman features more cheap jump scares and very loud scary noises than every horror film ever made put together.

I guess now we know why the movie got three re-releases, multiple directors, fired and rehired crew, it just lost its essence. I felt that not only it’s main character suffers from an identity crisis, but also the movie.

At the end, the only thing scary about The Wolfman is the movie itself.

By George

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