Feb 11, 2011

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Vanishing On 7th Street (2010)

Vanishing On 7th Street (2010)

Terror comes in the shadows. Director Brad Anderson (Session 9, The Machinist) brings back an old fashioned formula: terror of the dark.  As promising as this might sound, it fall short on the delivery.

In one take we are watching how people are having fun and in the next darkness falls. Screams in the background, weird sounds and then silence…The following images show us Luke (Hayden Christenses – interesting character name, right? from Star Wars II & III) waking up unaware of what’s going on.  Only when he comes out of his building and notices empty clothing on the street and everywhere else does he realized something is wrong.  Then we meet Rosemary (Thandie Newton from 2012), a mother with a missing baby.  Next is James (Jacon Latimore – this is his second film), a boy at a bar missing his mom. Last, Paul (John Leguizamo from Spawn, Land of the Dead, The Happening) who got hit on the head and it’s wandering the streets without any direction.  Finally we meet a little girl who is in the movie less than 5 minutes.  All of these characters, except for the little girl, meet at a bar on 7th street-hence the name of the movie.

After a little character development our heroes tell us what happen either by memory flashes or by telling the other characters their story.  As you can imaging by now, you have to stay away from the shadows to survive, so being at a bar with a generator that is dying makes that almost impossible.  The “shadows” can turn off electricity, cell phones, batteries on flash light and anything that can or will produce light.  So soon everyone understand that to survive they have to leave the bar.
One by one our heroes will disappeared leaving only two people at the end to try to make it to day light.  BTY, the shadows are also controlling the sun so every day there is less and less time of daylight! I won’t tell you the end but it’s very predictable as the whole movie was for me.

Okay, what I didn’t like about the movie. A) no gore B) no suspense C) no room for a chance of survival…that perhaps was the most annoying part D) there is no explanation for why animals are unaffected.  Why bother living when you know eventually you can’t keep any form of light to save you?  The shadows were kind of cartoonish to me, and they were shown too early on the film to create any sort suspense.  We also have no idea where these shadows come from or why…

Chrsitesen wasn’t as wooden and he has been in the past but still can’t be the leader role.

Newton keeps over acting during most of the film, something unusual since she is an amazing actress. 

Leguizamos doesn’t have much to do since he was hit on the head he had to play a kind of crazy guy.  What happened to Leguizamo? He keeps making crappy movies like Cuba Junior, both great actor but they lost something along the way…(pride?)
No memorable moments or really good scares.

At least the movie didn’t cost that much ($10,000,000).

Watch it at your own risk, just make sure you have a light next to you (or you might fall asleep)!

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