Jan 29, 2010

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Walled In (2008)

Walled In (2008)

This suspense thriller had a lot of promise, but just didn’t really deliver. A young architectural engineer, Samantha “Sam” Walczak (Mischa Barton), comes from a family of demolition experts. Having just graduated from university, her father gives her the chance take down an eight story concrete and steel building as her first solo assignment.

We have two other main characters: Mary (Deborah Kara Unger), building caretaker of the 8 story condo about to be demolished; and Jimmie (Cameron Bright), Mary’s teenage son who has lived his whole lonely life in this essentially deserted building. And of course the building itself – a sort of a character as a Gothic Monolith in the middle of nowhere, designed with ancient (mainly Egyptian) principles.  Sam quickly ascertains the building blue-prints are bogus with unexplained spaces behind walls, Mary is definitely a strange one (talking to walls?), and Jimmie is stranger yet (you’ll have to see) with an added teenage crush on her.

There’s little character development, other than establishing Mary and Jimmie might not be dealing with a full deck. The action is mainly a lot of wondering around spooky dark passages type scenes, and some scenes are unintentionally humorous.

The plot gets dumber and dumber, and reaches the height of ludicrousness in the final scenes. I didn’t really see any supernatural horror, but rather just a suspense genre movie. The acting was fairly good – Mischa Barton acts hysterical well at the right times, Deborah Kara Unger couldn’t be more mysterious and chilling, and Cameron Bright did look like the lonely, confused, teenager with lots of secrets. The big problem with the movie was the script was just so poor – the actors had to work hard to make the movie watchable.

“Walled In” isn’t a bad movie. It isn’t anything special either.

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