Jul 7, 2010

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Wolf Moon aka Dark Moon Rising (2009)

Wolf Moon aka Dark Moon Rising (2009)

Lots of old familiar faces in this flick: Maria Conchita Alonso (Predators), Chris Mulkey (24, Law & Order), Sid Haig (The Devils Regects and House of a Thousand Corpses), Billy Drago (Ghost Town, Zombie Hunter and just check him out on IMDB and you’ll see, he’s been in lots of horror movies…).

The Plot: When a handsome drifter named Dan (Chris Divecchio) blows into a countryside town, Amy (Ginny Weirick) falls for him without knowing anything about his frightening family history: a horrific curse that’s been passed down through the ages. But when the truth comes to light — revealed in part by the arrival of Dan’s father, Bender (Max Ryan) — the locals don’t exactly take a shine to the new family.

I was surprised about how much I enjoyed this movie. This is a Werewolf B movie-straight to DVD but well done.  The acting is very good, all the “veteran” actors performed incredibly well making the movie easy to watch.  There is some breast action, which it never hurts and also a good amount of gore (Yeah!).  The cheesiest part for me was the transformation (morphing) which was a bit too fast.  Thanked God not a CGI werewolf, but a guy in a suit.  Not the best suit but it’s ok.

The weakest aspect of this movie was the writing. On the same token there are many good lines (specially from Sid) that will make you laugh…(I liked this movie better than the The Wolfman). There were a couple laughable moments like; the old psychic “Were-creature”. Despite its flaws, this movie is a winner!

Not a bad movie for a rainy afternoon.

– By George

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