Oct 29, 2012

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Bait (2012)

Bait (2012)

As I’m watching the credits roll in the beginning of the movie, I’m thinking “here goes another shark movie” but then I remember why I’m watching in the first place: it’s an Australian Horror movie.
There are certain countries that have always delivered entertainment and gore, and for  me those countries are Australia and New Zealand. Sure we can argue about other countries, but in my personal opinion those two are always money in the bank, or blood on your shirt!

Enough about countries and lets go to the story.

This movie is about a group of people who gets trapped in a Supermarket after a Tsunami hits the coast of Queensland, Australia. But they soon find out that they have more to worry about than being in a flooded grocery store, there’s a 12 foot shark swimming around them, and it’s hungry.

Well the story definitely has a new flavor to it.  So we have the typical boyfriend who because of an accident leaves the girlfriend, a bugler that chose the wrong date and time, the easy-good looking girl, the mean boss, an random people who you know are the victims in this film.
The CGI on the shark was very well done, after searching more about this movie to write this piece, I found out that it was shot as a 3D movie (as I was watching the film I thought so because some of the shots) and that it was released in September 2012!

My absolute favorites parts is when the sharks eats someone for at least 10 secs. I have a surround system and folks, it sounded amazing! The crushing bones, soft tissue, ahhhh, who’s hungry?
Not a lot of character development, and one character in particular acts like a cartoon character, I was like:”Whatta….?”

All and all it’s definitely a movie that will satisfied your hunger for gore, unfortunately there isn’t any nudity.

I wish they would release it in the theaters in USA, well at least you have it on Netflix and Zune Market.


Director: Kimble Rendall

Writer: John Kim & Russell Mulcahy

Starring: Phoebe Tonkin, Lincoln Lewis, Julian McMahon, Sharni Vinson, Xavier Samuel, Alex Russell, Alice Parkinson

BAIT 3D is released on the 20th of September in Australia.

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