Nov 6, 2012

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The Bay (2012)

The Bay (2012)

Director Barry Levinson (Sphere) brings us a frightening environmental cataclysm that takes place in July 4th 2009.  Filmed as a documentary, the film follows the story of amateur female reporter Stephanie (Kristen Connolly) on her very first interview, set place in a small town located on Chesapeake Bay…..

Her piece should have only taken up 5 minutes of air time. Unfortunately the town would face their own demise from the wrath of mother nature. The terrifying factor of this movie is that the events depicted could actually happen in real life.  The  story follows the discovery of two scientist concerning the effect of the town’s large the amount of hormones thrown in the bay towards the over growth of parasites. All havoc is loose and everybody in the town begins to get infected. The victims manifest their victims leaving signs of blisters, boils, rashes, blood vomit ending in the grosses deaths you can imaging: being eaten alive.

A fun fact: the parasite use in this movie actually exist!

Although in real life this breed of parasites only attacks fish, but if you add a pinch of hormones and nuclear waste are added to their chemistry, such a creature could exist.

The style and pace of the movie is perfect. With the help of off screen screams, shaking camera shots, different footage from victims cell phone cameras, tv news output, webcam footage ( we never get to know HOW THE  HELL she acquired all of these devices…anyways) and extremely tight editing, all of these components bring a sense of desperation and terror to the viewer. Yes, you will be looking at the whole screen expecting something to jump on camera.

The creatures themselves, some type of isopod that grew at an accelerated rate due to pollutants in the water, are disgusting and sufficiently creepy. Just looking at one is enough to send chills up your spine. This effect is aided by the special effects which are, by and large, quite good. CG appears to have been kept at a minimum, and the blood and gore looks spot on.

There is plenty of gore for those of you who like that (me).

Absolutely a MUST see movie of the year, The Bay will keep you movie watchers at the edge of your seat for 82 minutes. Lets hope this proves to be a contagion that spreads at the box office.

All and all the movie is a BUY in my book.

George & Harrison

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